The Beautiful Combination of Shoes and bags

October 6th, 2013

The fasion said that accessories add to the perfection of appearance.

Mix Match Shoes & Bag

Mix Match Shoes & Bag

Hence, ancillary accessories cannot be underestimated, especially shoes and bags. Not only align with looks, shoes and bags must also be comfortable when used.

1. always pay attention to color balance. Use the bags and shoes with similar color; not many fashion colours not anything.

2. If you want to wear the shoes and bags in different colors, make sure one of them colored coaster. Keep the proportion of dark and light make your appearance remains balanced.

3. avoid using “uniform” from head to toe. If you use the same colored clothes from superiors to subordinates, use shoes and bags with contrast color as a counterbalance.

4. customize your needs. Avoid working with a large handbag into the cocktail party or dinner; We recommend using the small clutch and practical. Use large handbag for a job that requires bags with capacity to store files and office equipment.

Here are 4 things you need to consider:

“Edgy color burst”
A bright and bold color clashes resulted in a cheerful and edgy. Combine with clutch studded ankle boots are perfect for you a thick bold in expressing style.

“Cozy casual”
Hang out with friends would be more relaxed feels when using a comfortable clothing & accessories in the body. Lightweight canvas bags held feels more comfortable when combined with flat shoes.

“Chic Lady”
Create the appearance of a semi formal with the hit was more cheerful colors. Bags made of thick which can accommodate the needs of work combined with a newfangled solid thick shoes.

“Pretty party”
Attending a formal party or dinner, feels comfortable if grasping a small clutch of practical comfort. Enrich Your appearance perfection tonight with heels pretty similar clothing.

Root Shoes: Unique shoes that resemble the roots of a tree

October 6th, 2013

The world fasion industry growth is getting lively with unique and innovative creations of the designers who have brilliant ideas.

The original designer of the country’s windmills, Iris van Herpen, issued a unique shoe collection with a design resembling a tree roots for the 2013 Fall Haute Couture in Paris.

root shoes

root shoes

This 29-year-old woman, inspired from “wild nature” or wild and focus the design of shoes with orgnaisme and the exoskeleton which carries a touch of culture of Japan.

Herpen who previously had worked in the company of designer shoes Lady Gaga’s favorite, Alexander McQueen picked up avant garde design ideas with three-dimensional molds and cutting laser.

As reported by the Daily Finance, Thursday (3/7), “for me, fashion it creates its own limitations and make a statement.” says Herpen.

Famous figures such as Bjork and Daphne Guiness ever wearing this unique design work. Interesting, isn’t it?

4 Easy Steps To Beautify A Plain Boots

October 6th, 2013

Christian Louboutin Shoes – Are you happy to modify the goods, clothes and shoes? You should try this one.

If you have a shoe and boots that are obsolete, creating at home and change into regular shoes pretty colored shoes.
boots shoes

boots shoes

Materials needed:
Shoes Boots
Material (according to preference)
Glue Mod Podge/Materials (adhesive and pengkilap materials)
X-acto knife (commonly used for materials, carving and crafts)

To do:
1. cut the material according to the desired pattern and apply glue/Mod Podge until half dry.
2. Paste in the boots to be neatly.
3. use the x-acto knife for smoothing the seams between materials of shoes.
4. Brush the edge with Mod Podge to materials neat and fibre material is not out.

Get creative with patterns and materials make your old boots more attractive and colorful! Good luck.

10 Most Unique Shoes From Christian Louboutin Shoes

October 6th, 2013

Since 1991, Christian Louboutin Shoes has become one of the most sought after shoe brand for women.

The founders, Christian Louboutin Shoes red soles, adding as a trademark for any of his work. Red soles was first coat shoes-shoes Louboutin designs since 1992 and is still a fashion icon to this day.

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Christian Louboutin Shoes

To celebrate 20 years of career, Christian Louboutin Shoes in the fashion industry, we offer the world’s 10 most unique concepts ever released shoes Louboutin.

1. the Fetish Ballerina Shoes

Inspired from ballerina style shoes, Louboutin shoes high heels as high as issuing 20 centimeters. When wearing it, the foot will be unhinged like ballet dancers. These shoes are created as part of fundraising for the English National Ballet, the community of the United Kingdom’s largest ballet amid the financial crisis.

2. Alex the Lion Paw Pump

Do Louboutin fans the movie Madagascar? I Dunno. Lion-shaped shoe soles, complete with a brown suede material that resembles a lion’s claws and her black fur. Sarah Jessica Parker ever wear these shoes in the launch of the film, I Don’t Know How She Does It in Moscow.

3. Marie Antoinette Capsule Collection

This shoe is inspired from the classic fashion icon, Marie Antoinette. Louboutin shoe is designed in three color variants, namely pink, yellow, and blue.

4. Christian Louboutin for Barbie

Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie dolls, with Louboutin to design shoes for dolls that kids Idol. Shoemaker was a French designed two kinds of shoes for Barbie. First, for the series Cat Burglar, the beautiful Barbie wearing slippers Differa. As for the second series, Barbie wears pink cowgirl boots are shocking.

5. Christian Louboutin for Rodarte

For the Rodarte Fall 2008 fashion show Ready-to-Wear, Louboutin designed several pairs of shoes that are thick and bold impression will be fierce. These shoes are equipped with a ornamental studs and pike with metallic shades.

6. Lola Montes

These thigh-high Boots made of suede material with the motive cutout that line the front of it. Zip on the back make this shoe is attached tightly around your feet. Lola Montes was released in black and red.

7. Measuring Tape Sandal

What would happen if the slippers are made of tape measure? As a result, sandals with pop-art effects that still looks graceful despite a bit of intellectual deviation. But don’t worry, an attached tape measure in sandals is just fiction motive only. The original material was made from the skin of calves that guaranteed his power.

8. the Piper Heidsieck x Christian Louboutin, Le Rituel Box Set

Louboutin has employed the master Piper Heidsieck champagne, for the manufacture of shoes, which was released in October 2009. Shoe-shaped glasses of champagne were sold in a package with a bottle of champagne.

9. Puck Boot

Ankle boot is inspired from the reincarnation of half human and half horse in the children’s fairy tale. Its surface is full of feathers not only will make you the center of attention, but also the warm feet.

10. Barneys Highness Limited Edition

The shoes are produced in very limited quantities of these depict glamornya life in Hollywood. Hollywood Logo mounted on the side of the chime with glitter pretty beads.